Where to find help

Mailing list:

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Where to find the log files

All the logs are centralized into one single directory /var/log/newfies/

newfies-django-db.log : This contains all the Database queries performed by the UI

newfies-django.log : All the logger events from Django

err-apache-newfies.log : Any apache errors pertaining to Newfies-Dialer

celery-newfies-node1.log : This contains celery activity

newfieslua_logs_%%.log.log : This contains the phone system logs

Where are located the config files

Newfies-Dialer configuration file is located by default at /usr/share/newfies-dialer/newfies_dialer/ contains all the local changes specific to your installation, this file is inherited from /usr/share/newfies-dialer/newfies_dialer/, therefore you can copy settings to and overwrite the default configuration.

Enable the debug

When you get a message “Server Error, You’ve encountered an error!”, you might want to enable the debugger to get a full traceback of the error.

To enable the debugger, edit the file /usr/share/newfies-dialer/newfies_dialer/ and set those settings as follow:

DEBUG = True

Note that you should be able to get the traceback in /var/log/newfies/err-apache-newfies.log

How to run a quick test call

Go on the admin panel and check if there is any call request that has been spooled.

If there are no calls queued, this means that the campaign is not properly configured.

You should:

  1. Check if the campaign is started that the “Start time”, “Finish Time” and server time are correct.
  2. Make sure that you configured a Dialer Setting for the user running the campaign, although there will be a warning for this on the Customer UI : http://your-ip:8008/admin/dialer_settings/dialersetting/

If there is an existing Call Request, check the status, and check the Celery log stored in /var/log/newfies

Run in debug mode

Make sure you stop the services first:

$ /etc/init.d/newfies-celeryd stop

Then run in debug mode:

$ workon newfies-dialer
$ cd /usr/share/newfies/
$ python celeryd -EB --loglevel=DEBUG

Run on Amazon EC2

Although installing and running Newfies-Dialer on EC2 should work flawlessly, you will need to update the settings ALLOWED_HOSTS manually as the install script won’t be able to detect the public IP address of your EC2 Instance.

Edit /usr/share/newfies/ and ensure that your public IP is set in ALLOWED_HOSTS, ie. ALLOWED_HOSTS = [‘XXX.YYY.ZZZ’]

Further information about ALLOWED_HOSTS:


Running the monitor :

Start celery with the –events option on, so celery sends events for celerymon to capture::
$ workon newfies-dialer $ cd /usr/share/newfies/ $ python celeryd -E

Run the monitor server:

$ workon newfies-dialer
$ cd /usr/share/newfies/
$ python celerymon

However, in production you probably want to run the monitor in the background, as a daemon:

$ workon newfies-dialer
$ cd /usr/share/newfies/
$ python celerymon --detach

For a complete listing of the command line arguments available, with a short description, you can use the help command:

$ workon newfies-dialer
$ cd /usr/share/newfies/
$ python help celerymon

Now you can visit the webserver celerymon starts by going to: http://localhost:8989

Checking Freeswitch

Entering the Freeswitch CLI shold indicate whether it is running by typing fs_cli at the console. Once logged in, you can check the trunk registration by typing sofia status at the Freeswitch CLI. CTRL-D exits the Freeswitch CLI.

If the Freeswitch CLI cannot be launched, then the status of freeswitch can be checked with:

$ ps aux | grep freeswitch
$ /etc/init.d/freeswitch status

If Freeswitch is not running, then it can be started with:

$ /etc/init.d/freeswitch start

Step By Step Checklist

The step by step checklist below should be used to validate that all components of the platform are running.

User interface :

    1. Dialer Gateway matching a configured trunk is set up in the UI
    1. Dialer Settings configured and attached to the appropriate user
    1. Phonebook Created with contacts attached to the phonebook
    1. Configured voice application
    1. Campaign created, and started, with a phone book attached, and the campaign schedule current

Backend :

    1. Celery Monitor Running
    1. Freeswitch running

If there are still problems, then raise a support question on the mailing-list or our forum,, alternatively, contact for commercial support.